00:00:52 – Seth Godin
00:06:00 – Nilofer Merchant
00:18:40 – Keith Ferrazzi
00:13:20 – Scott Stratten
00:42:42 – Sally Hogshead
01:03:02 – Nancy Duarte
01:23:38 – David Rock
01:35:01 – Lauryn Ballesteros
01:48:00 – Scott Belsky
02:00:33 – Gina Trapni
02:07:00 – Bill Jensen
02:27:02 – Roger Martin
02:40:50 – Alexandra Levit
02:48:07 – Jonathan Fields
03:03:52 – Jessica Hagy
03:14:00 – Ken Robinson
03:31:30 – Pam Slim
03:43:30 – Mitch Joel
03:56:38 – Les McKeown
04:16:26 – Eileen McDargh
04:28:40 – Rich Fernendez
04:33:20 – Josh Kaufmen
04:44:09 – Josh Linker
04:57:16 – Kevin Kelly
05:11:20 – Daymond Jon
05:23:47 – David Allen
05:34:44 – Gwen Bell
05:38:42 – Chris Brogan

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  • Poehlmannjj

    Awesome idea…awesome of you to undertake it. I’m looking forward to receiving my book from Amazon. Thanks greatly for the webinar.( I haven’t listened yet, but I’m sure there will be insights …there always are. Peace!

  • RhondaSueDavis

    thanks! What a bonus (bonus!), you have trained me to jump on it if I intend to get in on an offer from you Seth. This one was worth the leap. Great book on Kindle and got a paperback too.

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  • http://www.yogawithjohn.com Eganvay

    Fantastic, settling in for a listen.

    yoga john – yoga with john dot com


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  • http://mbaprepschool.com Chris Aitken

    Seth — thanks for sharing this. Oddly enough, when I bought the book (via Kindle) I didn’t see or notice this mentioned anywhere? Maybe I’m not far enough into the eBook yet! :-) Regardless, bravo on a great initiative.

  • Eric Nygren

    Keeps interrupting itself?

  • http://rickmanelius.com Rick Manelius

    Anyway to download this? I’d love to listen on my walks, but rarely listen to podcasts while I work.

  • RhondaSueDavis

    Book arrived today (wow) Would be great if someone tonight was already using a mosquito net because I bought the books.  (maybe they are) Rich people problems, Poor people problems.  we all can be truly rich, and that comes from a different sort of economy.  I love the paper used in the book and the size. Good for coffee table, or to lend but not misplace, and full of great stuff. And the resources page at the end may just get me twitter competent, at least enough to tweet about it. Thank you

  • http://williejackson.com/ Willie Jackson

    The file should be downloadable now, Rick.

  • http://rickmanelius.com Rick Manelius

    Much obliged.

  • guest

    could you tell us how to download? tnx

  • http://williejackson.com/ Willie Jackson

    The middle icon among the vertically-stacked ones in the right-hand column of the webinar player is a download button.

    See it?